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The OPEN leadership team are elected for one-year terms. We are now recruiting for the 2022 OPEN council! Learn more about OPEN leadership roles and opportunities on the Council Positions page.

Kristi Manseth, Ph.D.

Dr. Manseth is the Vice President and Director of Research at Pacific Research and Evaluation (PRE), where she provides oversight and leadership to the Research team. She is responsible for the management of several evaluation projects, creating evaluation plans and logic models, developing data collection tools and procedures, facilitating data collection, conducting statistical analysis of data, and writing evaluation reports. Additionally, she is heavily involved in business development and securing additional contracts for PRE. Dr. Manseth has been a member of OPEN since 2012. She holds a doctorate in Applied Psychology from Portland State University. 

Kim Handloser, M.A., M.P.H.

Kim is in the fortunate position to wear many hats—evaluator, researcher, applied psychologist, program planner, project coordinator, data analyst—all influenced by her role as a public health professional. She believes in examining how the context influences the mental and physical health of individuals and societies at large. Each component is interdependent on the other, so regardless of what we are looking at, whether it is a Zika outbreak or violence against individuals or groups, it affects our health. Kim is especially interested in bridging gaps of understanding between people through education and communication. It is through this education, we develop connections increasing empathy and well-being.

Kim has been a member of OPEN since 2017. She holds an M.A. in Psychology & Evaluation and an M.P.H. from Claremont Graduate University.

Kirsten Bontrager, M.S.
Communications Officer

A recent arrival to Portland, Kirsten's background includes compliance and functionality in online higher education, arts program management, and teaching English in China and Colombia. She holds an M.S. in Evaluation and Applied Research from Claremont Graduate University. As the Communication Officer, Kirsten's goals include increased utilization of electronic information technology (EIT) accessibility standards and increased visibility on multiple platforms.

Kirsten has been a member of OPEN since 2019. She holds an M.S. in Evaluation & Applied Research from Claremont Graduate University and a B.A. in American Studies from Scripps College.

Alana Kinarsky, Ph.D.
Events Officer

Alana is a postdoctoral scholar at UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies, specializing in social research methodology. Her research focuses on evaluation policies, how evaluation can strengthen nonprofit organizations and foundations, and support for undergraduates with foster care experience. She currently serves as the co-chair of AEA’s Evaluation Policy Topical Interest Group and works as an independent evaluator with nonprofit organizations and foundations across the country. Alana has been a member of OPEN since 2018. 

Aliza Lipman
Student Liaison

Aliza Lipman is a graduate student in the Portland State University Applied Psychology Program Community Track. Her main research interest is childhood trauma prevention, and her current research examines trauma experienced by juvenile offender populations. Previously Aliza worked as a research assistant at The Consultation Center, part of the Yale School of Psychiatry. Aliza has been a member of OPEN since 2020. She holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in English from Central Connecticut State University.

Diego Catalán Molina, Ph.D.
Financial Officer

Diego Catalán Molina joined OPEN at the end of 2019, after attending a pretty fun OPEN networking event. In 2020, he served as a student liaison and he is serving as a financial officer in 2021. He earned his PhD in Human Development at the University of California (UC), Davis, where he studied how, when, and for whom socioemotional school interventions work. Before starting graduate training at UC Davis, he worked in Chile as a school counselor at a low income school, an advisor to school counselors and psychologists at network of charter schools, and an evaluator for the national agency that monitors education quality across the country. 

Andrea Steigerwald, M.A.
Special Projects Liaison, DEIJ

Andrea Steigerwald has been involved with OPEN for over two years as an active participant, an events committee member, and now as the special projects liaison on the council. Andrea first met her current coworkers at Pacific Research and Evaluation (PRE) over a cider at an OPEN networking event. As a Research Associate at PRE, Andrea enjoys managing a variety of evaluation projects focused on local early learning organizations, federal grants for first time in college students across the county, and culturally responsive methodologies. Her 2021 special projects role on the OPEN council is focused on advancing DEIJ efforts and holding space for more leadership to emerge in this area. Andrea hopes to engage in conversations with the OPEN members and other affiliates about their DEIJ work and anti-racist commitments, to organize listening sessions to hear more from the OPEN community, and to center equity in OPEN's strategic planning. If you have ideas, contributions, or feedback and would like to partner with Andrea in these DEIJ efforts, she has a lot to learn and would love to hear from yoat [email protected]


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