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Welcome to the new OPEN website!

We are excited to have a new, more user-friendly platform to support our OPEN community.

  • To access your member account for the first time, please reset your password.
  • Once you have accessed your account, please review your profile information for any errors that may have occurred during the website migration.

While we are doing our best to ensure a smooth transition, we understand that we may encounter some bumps along the road. Thank you in advance for your patience as we discover and correct any errors created during the migration process!

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or errors you may discover during this transition process.

 Reset Your Password

When logging in on the new OPEN site for the first time, you will need to reset your member password to access your account. 

  1. Navigate to the Reset Password pageEnter your member email address. Complete the ReCaptcha quiz. Click the Submit button.

    Screenshot of Step 1: Reset Password page

  2. In your email account, open the email with the subject line "Choose a new password for your Oregon Program Evaluators Network account."

  3. Click the hyperlink that appears in the second paragraph, or copy/paste it into a new browser window. This will bring you to the Reset Your Password page.

    Screenshot of Step 3: Reset Your Password page

  4. Enter your new password twice. (It can be the same password you had on the old website.) Click the Set New Password button.

  5. If you are not automatically taken to the Log In page, navigate there by clicking the Log In button Screenshot of the Log In button, a periwinkle-colored square with a white stylized outline of a person located in the upper right corner of any public page on the OPEN website, or follow this hyperlink to the Log In page

    Screenshot of Step 5: Log In page
  6. Login by entering your member email and new password, then clicking the Log In button.

 Review Your Profile Information

  1. After logging in, click the View Profile icon located in the upper right corner of the page.

  2. Review your profile information to confirm all information was transferred correctly during the website migration. 
    • Make any updates to your information by clicking the blue Edit Profile button located under My Profile.
    • If the migration caused any errors in your Member Since or Renewal Due On dates, please contact us.


OPEN is a registered 501(c)6 organization. 

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